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In my atelier

In my studio it literally feels as if I am floating on a cloud. I look out over the roofs and treetops and the clouds, it is light & quiet, the bamboo whispering... Painting and creating, inspired by what is in my head, from my inner depths, what I feel, what I see, intuitive and capturing the spirit of free-flowing, it is a very happy process. To me my paintings and collages are feeling like quiet & happy places, a space for the mind to be still, and calm for the eyes.

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Unpolished & Intuitive

Nature, female faces and nudes are a great source of inspiration for me. I gather all materials on the ground and leave them to sit for a while, staring at the paintings, turning them upside down. I try to finish the art in my mind before I make the last brushstrokes, or not yet...

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Positive & Poetic

I am creating my own poetic positive dreamworld, through my paintings and collages. I love to work with antique linen book covers, natural dyed linen, found paper and old sunbleached paper. I paint with self-made brushes and Japanese brushes, love the intuitive & unpolished brushstrokes and the imperfections. Playing with layers & transparency, always open to the unexpected and seeking the balance between finished and unfinished.  

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